Why are we, being Japanese, so devoted to Nordic music.

The music is a Scandinavian music from Japan.

It is not purely Japanese or Scandinavian. Something in between, music from an imaginary place.

It is ourself even we did not realise. A new side of Drakskip.

5th album "Bifröst" released on APR 2015

Drakskip are: Shota Enomoto : Nyckelharpa, Fiddle
Yuki Noma : 5 String Viola, Fiddle
Yusuke Urakawa : 12 String Guitar
Yosuke Watanabe : Percussion

Guest Players: Tatsushi Toritani : Mandola,Hurdy Gurdy
Hidenori Omori :Nyckelharpa,Fiddle
Nami Uehara : Pump Organ,Piano

illustration Yuta Ikehar

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1st album

1st album

Released in 2009
2nd album

2nd album

Released in 2011
3rd album

3rd album

Released in 2012

4th album

Released in 2013


1st album "WeatherCock, facing North"

The first album of Drakskip.3arranged traditional tunes, 6original tune, 1 tune cimposed by Hidenori Omori.

  1. Rertativetattheory[♪Trial♪]
  2. Byggnan(The Building)trad
  3. All I need
  4. Grey but Blue/Fiona's Reel
  5. Farmors Brudpolska trad
  6. LonelyPolska
  7. Moon Waltz
  8. Polska WeatherCock
  9. Ripe Fruit (composed by Hidenori Omori)
  10. Drifting Clouds [♪Trial♪]

released on 5th APR 2010

Label: SkipRecords
JANCODE: 4560340240024

2nd album

2nd album "Stars And A Man"

10 tunes and 1 Music Clip!

  1. Silver Mine Road[♪Trial♪]
  2. Two Eyes
  3. From Beyond The Sea
  4. Langdans Efter Sven Lorenz Bruun (nr4)
  5. A Vlley After The Rain
  6. Polska Efter Pelle Fors
  7. Wandering Owl Set
  8. Bedside Polska
  9. Stars And A Man
  10. DVD 1. Music Clip : Drifting Clouds-

released on 10th APR 2011

Label: SkipRecords
JANCODE: 4560340240024


3rd album "Steering Through The Storm"

All 10 tunes are original by Drakskip members.

  1. Arvak & Alsvid
  2. Steering Through The Storm
  3. Rolling Rundle
  4. Seven For The Drummer
  5. Raising Canvas
  6. Grandpa’s Rocking Chair
  7. Fallen Fans
  8. New Moon
  9. Gentle Wind
  10. Blue Moment

released on 29th APR 2012

Label: SkipRecords
JANCODE: 4560340240031

4th album

4th album "World Heading There"

All tunes are connect with Swedish Trad or Swedish Composers' tunes.

  1. Vals
  2. The World Heading There
  3. Sunna’s Score
  4. A Boy
  5. Forty Three
  6. The Voice
  7. The Last Page
  8. Echoes In The Night
  9. Brother Polska
  10. Sincere Time
  11. A Forgotten House

released on 21st APR 2013

Label: SkipRecords
JANCODE: 4560340240048