"They joke, roll and whirl around. Feel this groove in your heart.

Acoustic Instrumental Band “DRAKSKIP” from Kyoto, JAPAN

Drakskip is a Japanese band in love with the Scandinavian music, formed in 2006 in Kyoto, Japan.
They perform both traditional and original tunes inspired by Scandinavian traditional music with their own unique sound, with their unique instruments, Nyckelharpa and fiddle, 5-String Viola, 12-String guitar and Percussion.

Drakskip have more than 150 gigs per year.
In concert hall, gig house, cafe, outside stage, Street gig, temple, shrine and music festival etc … any place be changed into their original stage at an instant.

They already had released four albums since 2009.
The latest one, "The World Heading There" consists of "Swedish tunes" that they met in Scandinavian tour in 2012.
Facing their "ROOTS MUSIC" inspired their creativity.Many Swedish artists gave the message for this album.

Their first Scandinavian tour in 2012, Drakskip performed at Kaustinen Folk Music Festival (FIN), Eileen's FOLKFEST I LIDKOPING, Korro Folkmusikfestival (SWE) and built intimacy with many artists and teachers, Drakskip would like to be a unique bridge between Sweden and Japan.

Drakskip Biography