Why are we, being Japanese, so devoted to Nordic music.

The music is a Scandinavian music from Japan.

It is not purely Japanese or Scandinavian. Something in between, music from an imaginary place.

It is ourself even we did not realise.

A new side of Drakskip.

Drakskip are
Shota Enomoto : Nyckelharpa, Fiddle
Yuki Noma : 5 String Viola, Fiddle
Yusuke Urakawa : 12 String Guitar
Yosuke Watanabe : Percussion
Guest Player
Tatsushi Toritani : Mandola,Hurdy Gurdy
Hidenori Omori :Nyckelharpa,Fiddle
Nami Uehara : Pump Organ,Piano

illustration Yuta Ikehara

12th April, 2015 Coming Soon!!
If you want to purchdse, please email us-> drakskip.live@gmail.com We use Paypal system.